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What is Windows MultiPoint Mouse SDK?

      Windows MultiPoint Mouse SDK is a free developer tool that allows you  to support multiple mouse pointers in your  Flash and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications. With the MultiPoint Mouse SDK you can create interactive applications that can be used by up to 50 users, each with their own mouse, on a single PC display.

Support for Multiple-Mouse Computing is Here!

      MultiPoint Mouse SDK gives you the ability to create rich, single-PC multiuser applications that take advantage of each connected USB mouse – with minimal development time.  
      Download MultiPoint Mouse SDK for FREE today and get started creating commercial-grade collaborative and interactive solutions for a wide variety of vertical markets from education to gaming to business.  
      Download the MultPoint Mouse SDK and sample applications  >>

Education Partners

     Education partners around the world are developing and deploying interactive lab and classroom applications using  MultiPoint Mouse SDK.  
     Visit the the Microsoft Education Community to for research, partner case studies, videos and resources to help you design your own educational application using the MultiPoint Mouse SDK!  >>



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